Otis Street Arts Project

Otis Street Arts Project

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Available Studio

Otis Street Arts Project :: Studio Available

We are seeking applications for a Resident Artist at Otis Street Arts Project
Otis Street Arts Project serves as artist studios and a creative incubator for those interested in a dynamic, supportive, and community oriented work environment of professional artists. Situated among other group studios in a light industrial space, including a glass studio, ceramics studios, painters and public artists. We aim to create an active space open to visitors, guest artists, collaborations, critiques, interactions, and other events.
The space consists of subdivided unfurnished studio areas roughly 11' x 11' with 9.5' ceilings and concrete floors. There is a bathroom, community area, flex space, kitchenette, utility sink, and exhibition space to showcase rotating exhibitions. The studio has a loading dock and parking. 
It is located in Mount Rainier, MD, just over the DC line.
Studios are $425/month each 
Utilities, WiFi, and Access to select events and workshops included.

The studio will be available January 1, 2018.

To apply please email otisstreetartsproject@gmail.com 
-Contact and social media info
-Please write up something to give us a sense of what kind of work you want to do in the space.

Otis Street Arts Project
3706 Otis Street
Mount Rainier, MD

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Electronic Sound Art Concert

Electronic Sound Art Concert
November 18th

As part of our current exhibition, ARTgineering
Otis Street Arts Project is honored to present these electronic music and sound artists
Audio Mace (Chris Wikman and Al Baldwin)
TL0741 (Patrick Gillis)
Dave Vosh
 Tom Davis
Geoff Wilt

November 18th
6-9 PM
Otis Street Arts Project
3706 Otis Street
Mount Rainier, MD
Facebook Event Page

The Critique Returns!

Our blockbuster smash hit series The Critique is returning with a fantastic lineup!

The Critic!
George Hemphill
( Owner of Hemphill Gallery)

The Artists!
Lorenzo Cardim
Michael West

We will show the work of these 2 artists and have Mr Hemphill guide us through talking about the work. Our aim is to intelligently discuss the work, pointing out strengths and flaws in the pieces, and providing a suggested guidance for the future. 

We would like to invite everyone that is interested in hearing this conversation about specific works of art to sit in on The Critique. The conversation is meant to be critical, and constructive. We aim to discuss what works, what doesn’t work, and to lead the artist toward possible resolutions or developments. 

November 16th
3708 Otis Street 
Mount Rainier, MD
6:30-7:00 Meet and Greet
7:00-9:00ish The Critique

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Dracula at Otis Street Arts Project.

Come see a place in our studio!

Experience this nightmarish achievement of storytelling as it drags you through the memorandum, newspaper clippings, and diary pages of a frantic vampire hunt. With faithful adherence to Stoker’s text, immersive staging, and chilling, terrifying (and of course silly) performances, we bring the audience into the heart of Dracula’s conflict: the intersection of predator and prey.

Bring Your Own Garlic.

Robert Pike

Grant Cloyd, Meg Lowey, Kerry McGee, & Jon Reynolds

Details about the production can be found at http://www.wehappyfewdc.com/dracula

The show runs about an hour, and is spooky, silly, and family-friendly.

We Happy Few was founded by Hannah Todd and Raven Bonniwell at the beginning of 2012. Our mission is to present stripped down, small cast, ensemble productions with a group of talented artists, providing unique perspectives on classic texts.

Named by the DCist as one of The Best Small Theatre Companies of 2015

"We Happy Few Productions makes a great case for revisiting the golden oldies. This theater troupe . . . makes the words from bygone eras feel fresh and urgent." - DCist

"A new approach to Shakespeare you will not want to miss." - DC Metro Theatre Arts

"We Happy Few has made its mark with pared down but impactful productions." - DC Theatre Scene

Broadway World DC credits WHF with "Enlivening classic theatre through bare-bones, ensemble storytelling."

Friday, September 15, 2017

Powerful Resistance Workshop at Otis Street Arts Project

Powerful Resistance Training
September 17th
5-7 PM

In conjunction with our current exhibit, "Body Language", we would like to invite you to join us for a healing session with Sarah Massey.

Together, we can pivot from fear and despair to strength and positivie power. This 2-hour, interactive workshop aims to support the social justice movement to resist new threats and to create the loving, just community we envision.

The election and the results are unprecedented. I don't need to spell out all that went wrong and what could go wrong. You know it. And, it hurts.

I posit a valuable first step includes developing resiliency within ourselves -- you are strong, you are brave, and you are a leader. You can foster internal resources to bounce back from challenges.

What do we do? How can we assist anyone when our mind is full of anger, when depressed, or overwhelmed?

Let’s breath, let’s get creative, let’s create personal, powerful resiliency so we have the strength to serve.

In this 2-hour, interactive workshop, we will meditate, examine anger and fear, learn about personal resiliency, and create personal plans for developing positivity.

What to bring:
A notebook
Your contributions
Your willingness to be vulnerable

Sarah Massey is a social justice activist and Director of Communications at the National LGBTQ Task Force

Sunday September 17th
5-7 PM

Otis Street Arts Project
3706 Otis Street
Mount Rainier, MD

Details HERE

Friday, August 18, 2017

Body Language

Body Language
Queer and Activist Artists from Post-Yugoslavia 
Curated by Alma Selimovic
September 9- October 7
Opening Reception and Performance
Saturday, September 9th, 3-7 PM

Otis Street Arts Project is proud to present Body Language, a show curated by Alma Selimovic, that will feature the works of seven queer artists/activists from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Serbia.
The post-Yugoslav region has seen its share of oppressive and dysfunctional governing, warfare and genocide, corruption and inept politics. Human rights in general and LGBTIQ rights speci cally have suffered as a result of it. People have lived with an acute sense of urgency to resolve issues of nationalism, discrimination, hostility and social exclusions, but months turned into years and years into decades.
Body Language is an initiative of connecting with queer artists from Post-Yugoslavia and bringing their work to Washington, DC. The goal is to open an exchange of dialogue concerning issues of importance to both regions.
Body Language includes paintings, photographs, video installations, and a live performance exploring (non)autobiographical stories of bodies, its expressions, identities, fears and intentions. The exhibit explores issues of gender identity/expression along with its vulnerabilities, hostilities, transitions and gentleness.
The body is a battleground, the smallest denominator of struggles that take place every day, privately and publicly. 

About Artists:
Kristofer Andrić is from Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is finishing his BFA (graphic design) at the Art Academy in Sarajevo. His paintings represent emotions and moments of everyday lives and struggles of transgender individuals before initiating hormonal therapy.

Azra Čaušević is from Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina. As a queer feminist activist, community organizer and one of core-team members of LGBT*IQA Association Okvir, Azra is passionate about queer spaces of love, memory and resistance. Azra’s work engages video, graphics and sound production and design.

Ranka Delić is from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She currently works at the University of East Sarajevo, at the Department of World Litera- ture and Library Science. Her eld of interest is photography, giving her the possibility to dream on the edge of reality. Photography allows Ranka to express how she feels about herself, about the world inside and around her.

Nedžiba Idrizović is from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Nedžiba’s photography explores boundaries set by the society they live in and freedom within four walls. The work focuses on details and moments of privacy and intimacy that we try to hide from the public. The artist is both in front and behind the camera, exploring their own freedom, which has been restricted throughout Nedžiba’s life.

Damir Prljača is from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In his photographs, he captures mostly human bodies by deconstructing the shield (made out of social constructs) that the body represents. He is a director, screenwriter and cameraman who has worked on many
campaign/music videos and documentaries featuring human right issues.

Anita Prša is from Zagreb, Croatia. She studied graphic design at the Art Academy in Zagreb. Anita’s work researches manifestation of feminine identity via different objects and ritualistic activities. Most often she approaches her work autobiographically using the documentary form of representation. She often explores repetitive forms that create the effect of rituals as a need to resolve non-passionate patriarchal awareness.

Alex Spyke is from Belgrade, Serbia. He studied art and philosophy, and currently works in the eld of performance art and physical theatre. He uses his own body as a primary artistic tool. He believes that it is the duty of every artist to bring the audience into the mindset where they can question outside problems (society politics) and introspectively think about themselves.

Saturdays, Noon-5:00 By Appointment M-F

Otis Street Arts Project

3706 Otis Street
Mount Rainier, MD 20712