Otis Street Arts Project

Otis Street Arts Project

Friday, October 30, 2015

The Critique- Part III

It's been so much fun, we're doing it again!
Please join us as we host The Critique!

We’re interested in elevating our conversations about art. We feel that group studios and areas of artist density provide fertile ground for interaction, conversation, growth and development. While this is an important part of our daily interaction as artists, we also feel that Curators, Critics, Gallarists, Collectors, Art Writers, and other Arts Professionals bring an amazing amount of insight for an Artist. With the our first two sessions of The Critique having received a great amount of interest and positive feedback, we’re going to keep it up!

Please join us for the 3rd session of The Critique

We will show the work of 3 artists and have an invited arts professional guide us through talking about the work. Our aim is to intelligently discuss the work, pointing out strengths and flaws in the pieces, and providing a suggested guidance for the future.

Each session will be led by a different professional and will accordingly be slightly different.

Our 3rd session will be led by gallarist Adah Rose Bitterbaum

The artists whose work will be critiqued will be
Amber Robles- Gordon

Steven Durow

Stephanie Booth

We would like to invite everyone that is interested in hearing this conversation about specific works of art to sit in on The Critique The conversation is meant to be critical, and constructive. We aim to discuss what works, what doesn’t work, and to lead the artist toward possible resolutions or developments.

Please join us between 6:00 and 7:00 for a meet and greet with refreshments, and to see the Otis Street Arts Project space.

The Critique will begin at 7:00. Some works we will discuss will be jpgs, Some will be actual pieces.

The Critique
Wednesday November 11th

Meet and Greet from 6:00-7:00
Critique starts at 7:00

Otis Street Arts Project
3706 / 3708 Otis Street
Mount Rainier, MD 201712

Friday, October 23, 2015

Review of Co-Exist in Washington City Paper

Read the review of our exhibition Co-Exist 

Through a humility of materials and a reach into humankind’s relationships with itself and its surroundings, each artists’ work elicits a sense of wonder—no matter how conventional or unconventional their process may be.  -Elena Goukassian

On view until November 21st.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Artjam:: Music. Food. Pumpkins.

Artjam - Music, Art, Pumpkin
Otis Street Arts Project will be hosting Artjam on Saturday October 17th from 5:00-9:30. 

What the hell is artjam?
Artjam started as a house party in Petworth for friends to share their love of Music, Art, and Food. It's bursting at its seams and we wanted to give them some space to expand!

Artjam is a space of unbridled creativity. it's an open mic, jam session, test kitchen, live sketch, improv, all rolled into one. It's whatever it wants to be. Come prepared to create something and see what happens. 

While we will have some materials, Artjam is b.y.o.m(aterials) so bring your instruments, drawing supplies, yarn, ingredients, wood, paint, etc. 

Featured events for Artjam!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pumpkin Carving Co
ntest - We'll have pumpkins available for sale. We'll have some pumpkin carving tools. If you have your own, bring em. There will be prizes for some creations.
Come. Carve. Win. 

Reserve your pumpkin  and carving kit early! $20

Music- The stage will be led by Calamity Row.
Come hear their fantastic tunes. If you play, bring your instruments, join along, or play your own tunes. Wanna read a poem? Sing a song? hum? whistle? bring it. ( Annie from Calamity Row will be your cruise director.. give her a shout for more details... annwmiller@gmail.com)

Food- The awesome chef Neil http://www.poachedpersonalchef.com/ will be dishing up some deliciousness. You're going to like this guy.

Drinks- We'll have some drink refreshments. (Cash donations, pretty please)

Art- Come see and purchase the works of our wonderful Otis Street Arts Project Arts, and the works in our special gallery exhibition "Co-Exist"

Draw- We'll have chalk and drawing things, come add your creations. 

Meet- Creative folks from across disciplines and genres. Come meet some peoples!

No cover. Pumpkins will cost ya. Food will cost ya. We're poor artists, so donations for everything else will keep us going, please.

Costumes Encouraged.

October 17th

Facebook Event Page

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Co-Exist A 3-Person exhibit curated by Molly Ruppert.

Three artists examine their relationship with the materials of the world of art.

Opening Reception:Saturday October 10th 
Show runs through November 21st.
Otis Street Arts Project
3706/ 3708 Otis Street

Otis Street Arts Project is know for creating a warm, open, creative vibe at excting arts events in Mount Rainier, Maryland, a major hotspot for the arts in the DMV. The exhibition, Co-Exist curated by the incomparable DC arts maven, curator, impressario, life coach, and recipient of the WPA Alice Denny Award, Molly Ruppert furthers that reputation. With her deep connection to the DC Arts Community, Ruppert finds and brings together 3 unique artists bringing an enriching touch to their chosen media.

Glenn Richardson- Carves sculptures from fallen trees

Eric Celarier- Creates sculptures with found, made, and natural materials.

Albert Schweitzer - Recreates society with paint on canvas

Co-Exist looks at the way three artists examine their world using di
fferent materials to create works to express their inner vision

Albert Schweitzer’s paintings use color and image to show human emotions of fear, jealousy, hope, and joy. He exults in the world’s humanity and “the flux between life and death”.

Eric Celarier makes beautiful, elegant sculptures out of our trash. His use of spent electronics mixed with elements of nature and other garbage uncovers “hidden aesthetics”

Glenn Richardson sculpts with a chainsaw. His work begins with the wood which is from fallen tress or trees discarded by society to make room for progress. His work shows a depth of feeling about social issues such as gun violence though he is interested in the weird and playful as well.

See our Facebook event page HERE